Why are our prices so competitive?

Why are our prices so competitive?

Why are our prices at Bestby so incredibly competitive? Well, let's spill the beans on our little secret. We're all about fighting food waste and making a positive impact, which is why we sell near expiry food items at discounted prices.

The UAE's retail sector faces a pressing challenge when it comes to these near expiry products. You see, approximately 85% of UAE's food supply is imported; or in other words, our food comes in from international sources of food production. While this provides us with the many options we are priviledged to see in the UAE, it also brings some hurdles when it comes to managing perishable inventory.

Retailers often find themselves left with products that are edging closer to their expiration dates. This can lead to potential wastage as they struggle to sell them before time runs out.

It's a situation that calls for a solution, and that's where Bestby steps in! We take these good to eat near expiry date items from food suppliers and distributors and sell them through our website at a discount. Any food item bought on Bestby means one less food item going to waste. You did that!

Now, here's something important to know at Bestby, we never sell anything beyond its expiration date. You can trust that the products you find on our store are within their expiry dates and still in excellent condition.

So, how can we bring about change? It starts with raising awareness among each other about the importance of reducing food waste and making responsible choices. Together, we can create a community that cares about the planet and fights food waste—one delicious purchase at a time!

At Bestby, we believe in the power of collective action to create a better, more sustainable world. Join our mission, and let's make a difference together!

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