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210g Antica Sicilia Chili Jam

210g Antica Sicilia Chili Jam

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Antica Sicilia was born at the beginning of the third millennium in a small town on the slopes of Etna. It is a small artisan reality, specialized in the production of vegetable preserves in oil, bases its production essentially on the quality of the carefully selected and carefully worked primary products, taking into account the sanitary and sanitary requirements and the organoleptic properties of each individual product..
Antica Sicilia’s primary objective has always been the satisfaction of the customer who seeks quality and genuineness in the products destined for their table, characteristics that only a craft production can guarantee, without however neglecting quality and safety..
The jams of Antica Sicilia are the typical representation of the fruits that ripen in the sun of Sicily: lemons, oranges and tangerines. Processed as soon as they are harvested without preservatives or dyes, they offer the most natural and genuine that our land can provide. The jams of chilli and prickly pears are excellent in combination with sweet or semi-seasoned cheeses, for a pleasant combination of flavors in your appetizers and snacks..
Made in Italy

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